The Friendly Fruit Tree Project is an all-volunteer effort in Eugene's Friendly neighborhood to build relationships between fruit-loving Friendly neighbors and fruit tree owners or stewards who have more fruit than they can handle.

How does it work?

1. A fruit owner (or steward) offers to share their fruit with the Friendly Fruit Tree Project, by registering their fruit. 
2. A volunteer Harvest Leader organizes other volunteer pickers and leads a harvest when the fruit is ready to be picked, at a time that works for everyone. 
Harvested fruit is split roughly into thirds: one third is taken by volunteers, one third is offered to the owner or steward (if they like), and the last third is donated to those in need. 
Sharing the fruit strengthens local food security and builds community. Apple pressings are held a few times each season, which is an efficient and fun way to process the large volumes of fruit. 
During the winter season, we practice pruning and propagation (and pop the Project preserves!).